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Buying or selling your property can be an exciting time. You feel every emotion there is and your imagination goes wild thinking about decorating your house. The questions are endless; how big will my drive be? What cushions should I buy? Should I buy curtains or blinds? The list goes on …


Then reality hits; you actually have to sell your property and buy your new house.


The house selling and buying process can be slow and dated. The key to a successful and smooth process is clear and regular communication to ensure homebuyers and sellers are in the loop. This relieves unwanted and unnecessary worrying and reduces stress. However, with offline estate agents, this isn’t always the case.


Often, when your in-house estate agent has multiple homebuyers to liaise with, they are not always readily available. This is where stress starts. You are constantly having to call the office to chase up the status of your case and sadly, the dated process of buying a house means it takes an average of 10 months to complete the process; a long time to spend worrying.


By welcoming technology into the property market, online estate agents like Prominence Estates are able to bring the archaic industry up to speed which benefits all homebuyers and sellers. This means there is a singular portal where all individuals involved in a transaction can quickly and easily monitor and get all of the information they need; minimising the need for excessive calls and unnecessary hold-ups.


With more and more people now relying on estate agents to quickly move them up the property ladder, the pressure is on for sellers to reep as much value from their homes as possible. This highlights the cost of moving, the research and admin that goes with it which in turns means higher commission fees from offline estate agents. However, online estate agents reduce this unnecessary cost by charging a one-off fixed cost. The migration of customers to online estate agents is always increasing and this is why at Prominence Estates love doing what we do.


How are Prominence Estates different?


Prominence Estates welcome and thrive off technological advances which save our homebuyers money in the process. For a fair fixed fee, typically lower than most High Street and online estate agents, our local property experts offer an honest, transparent and more importantly hassle-free way for you to sell or rent property.


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10 simple tips to sell your property

Make your home irresistible

You’ve overcome the biggest hurdle by deciding to sell your home and you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but selling the process of selling your house can be stressful. Whilst you’re busy worrying about striving to get the best price possible for your home, the last thing you want to do is miss out on these simples tips to help you achieve just that.


The first thing you want to happen when someone comes to view your home is that you want them to instantly connect with your home that they will envision their family and lifestyle in. This isn’t down to luck; it’s about creating the right atmosphere and environment which makes your home irresistible for them.


Check out these 10 simple tips to sell your property:

1. Selling your home starts before they enter. Good landscaping or a pretty exterior can transform the feel of your home before they have even opened the front door.

2. Your front door is the focal point of your home when buyers are coming to visit. Make this as appealing as possible with tasteful colours, a dash of paint if needs be and some potted plants and nice lighting.

3. Your hallway creates the first impression of the interior of your house; make sure it is the right impression. Lighten up your hallway with neutral and pastel colours and move any bulky furniture out of the way.

4. The wrong lighting can make your house seem smaller and darker than it is. We appreciate that you might not be able to change the lighting, but open up any curtains or blinds to let the light in and make your home look cheerful and up to date.

5. Try and make each room appear as it is intended to be used. Make up your rooms, even if it has become a little bit of a storage room. Help the buyer to envision the potential of each room.

6. Keep bathrooms and your kitchen up to date. Make sure your bathrooms and kitchen are free of any bulky appliances. Consider refacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets as this is much cheaper than installing new ones.

7. Declutter, declutter, declutter. Ask yourself if you really need that stuff on show and more importantly, ask yourself if your buyer needs to see it.

8. Pets. If you have pets, consider that your viewers may either love them, hate them or are allergic to them. Having a pet around can distract attention away from your home for the right or wrong reasons.

9. Your back garden sells your property just as much as your interior. Make sure your garden looks like it is a space for entertaining and let your viewers envision themselves there.

10. Keep your house clean. This might seem like an obvious one, but making sure your house is clean can help potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home and they might not be able to do that if your house has things all over the worktops and floors.


For more information on how to sell your home confidently and quickly, contact us today.

2019 Interior Design trends

What’s in and out in 2019?

2019 is in full swing and even though some things may appear the same, interior design trends are ever changing. The coming year promises new inspirations and developments of existing trends and styles for every home and whether you’re looking to sell your property, buy or stay put, Prominence Estates dive into new trends that are big on the home front and the ones that have overstayed their welcome. We’re setting our sights on the design trends that are set to sweep their way into our homes and across social media throughout 2019.


2019 is all about sustainability and unlike previous years, less is actually more. The art choosing the perfect statement piece is taking over and becoming more of a focus when it comes to decorating your walls at home. Move away from eclectic choices and declutter where you can. Long gone are the days where filling a space with too many things adds to the atmosphere in your home. It creates chaos and this can make your space look smaller than it is. A complete turn off for any potential buyers if you are selling your home.


To make space look bigger and more in tune with nature, introduce and emphasise biophilia throughout your home. When you place natural and organic materials like wood, stone and plant life, you are constantly reminded of your exterior surroundings and lets nature in. Of course, nature isn’t gender bias so gendered rooms are on their way out. Putting emphasis on styles, palettes, colours and shapes to match a certain gender dampens the creative potential of your home and in turn, means you are more likely to decorate again after a short amount of time.


Tones are a great way to appeal to the whole household and with the use of neutral and pastel tones; updating any dated room immediately. To complement the of these tones, you could introduce boldly patterned backsplashes into your kitchen. Simple, monochromatic kitchens always have a good run and create an elegant entertaining space. Though simple is effective, you do not want to go too simple. Ensure your rooms are enriched with colour and texture and create a space that you will love every time you walk in. A well presented and up to date home can also increase the value of your property. Get an instant valuation here.


Prominence Estate knows that inspiration is plentiful on the internet, but in order to find the best, you have to see what you can do with the space you have at home. Your home designs can shift as quickly as the trends so make sure you keep up to date with the latest interior design trends.

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