Online estate agents are taking over

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Online estate agents are taking over

Online estate agents

Online estate agents save you money


Buying or selling your property can be an exciting time. You feel every emotion there is and your imagination goes wild thinking about decorating your house. The questions are endless; how big will my drive be? What cushions should I buy? Should I buy curtains or blinds? The list goes on …


Then reality hits; you actually have to sell your property and buy your new house.


The house selling and buying process can be slow and dated. The key to a successful and smooth process is clear and regular communication to ensure homebuyers and sellers are in the loop. This relieves unwanted and unnecessary worrying and reduces stress. However, with offline estate agents, this isn’t always the case.


Often, when your in-house estate agent has multiple homebuyers to liaise with, they are not always readily available. This is where stress starts. You are constantly having to call the office to chase up the status of your case and sadly, the dated process of buying a house means it takes an average of 10 months to complete the process; a long time to spend worrying.


By welcoming technology into the property market, online estate agents like Prominence Estates are able to bring the archaic industry up to speed which benefits all homebuyers and sellers. This means there is a singular portal where all individuals involved in a transaction can quickly and easily monitor and get all of the information they need; minimising the need for excessive calls and unnecessary hold-ups.


With more and more people now relying on estate agents to quickly move them up the property ladder, the pressure is on for sellers to reep as much value from their homes as possible. This highlights the cost of moving, the research and admin that goes with it which in turns means higher commission fees from offline estate agents. However, online estate agents reduce this unnecessary cost by charging a one-off fixed cost. The migration of customers to online estate agents is always increasing and this is why at Prominence Estates love doing what we do.


How are Prominence Estates different?


Prominence Estates welcome and thrive off technological advances which save our homebuyers money in the process. For a fair fixed fee, typically lower than most High Street and online estate agents, our local property experts offer an honest, transparent and more importantly hassle-free way for you to sell or rent property.


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