2019 Interior Design trends

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2019 Interior Design trends

What’s in and out in 2019?

2019 is in full swing and even though some things may appear the same, interior design trends are ever changing. The coming year promises new inspirations and developments of existing trends and styles for every home and whether you’re looking to sell your property, buy or stay put, Prominence Estates dive into new trends that are big on the home front and the ones that have overstayed their welcome. We’re setting our sights on the design trends that are set to sweep their way into our homes and across social media throughout 2019.


2019 is all about sustainability and unlike previous years, less is actually more. The art choosing the perfect statement piece is taking over and becoming more of a focus when it comes to decorating your walls at home. Move away from eclectic choices and declutter where you can. Long gone are the days where filling a space with too many things adds to the atmosphere in your home. It creates chaos and this can make your space look smaller than it is. A complete turn off for any potential buyers if you are selling your home.


To make space look bigger and more in tune with nature, introduce and emphasise biophilia throughout your home. When you place natural and organic materials like wood, stone and plant life, you are constantly reminded of your exterior surroundings and lets nature in. Of course, nature isn’t gender bias so gendered rooms are on their way out. Putting emphasis on styles, palettes, colours and shapes to match a certain gender dampens the creative potential of your home and in turn, means you are more likely to decorate again after a short amount of time.


Tones are a great way to appeal to the whole household and with the use of neutral and pastel tones; updating any dated room immediately. To complement the of these tones, you could introduce boldly patterned backsplashes into your kitchen. Simple, monochromatic kitchens always have a good run and create an elegant entertaining space. Though simple is effective, you do not want to go too simple. Ensure your rooms are enriched with colour and texture and create a space that you will love every time you walk in. A well presented and up to date home can also increase the value of your property. Get an instant valuation here.


Prominence Estate knows that inspiration is plentiful on the internet, but in order to find the best, you have to see what you can do with the space you have at home. Your home designs can shift as quickly as the trends so make sure you keep up to date with the latest interior design trends.

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