Guaranteed Rent for Landlords

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Guaranteed Rent for Landlords

Our Guaranteed Rent service means your rent is paid on time, every single month ✓

Guaranteed Rent can be a life-saver for landlords. One of the biggest problems of being a landlord is that it’s virtually impossible to find a tenant that is guaranteed to always pay rent on time every month.

Do you have a property in Coventry, Leamington Spa or Warwickshire?


Our enhanced Guaranteed Rent service offers you:

✓ Guarantee Rent paid on time, every single month

✓ Rent Guarantee protection (up to £2500 per month)

✓ Access to free specialist advice on late rents

✓ Hassle free claims handled on your behalf

✓ Free rental advice from a professional

✓ Monthly account statements

✓ Deposit protected via DPS

✓ Comprehensive full tenant referencing


Offering peace of mind for busy landlords


From our experience, a small percentage of landlords don’t opt for Guaranted Rent, and it’s usually because of the following reasons:

✓ Because the tenant’s they’ve chose don’t meet their requirements e.g. If you haven’t conducted efficient tenant referencing and credit checks

✓ They don’t want to pay extra for this service

✓ They don’t know much or anything about the policy

✓ They’re willing to take a chance with their tenant

✓ They have good tenants


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