Coronavirus has changed priorities of buyers and renters

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Coronavirus has changed priorities of buyers and renters

Searches for gardens on the rise for those wanting to buy and rent


We are seeing a huge trend in both the sales and rental sector with more and more people wanting an outdoors space they can enjoy. When putting your property on the market we advise to cut your lawn, trim those hedges and prune those flowers so we can show off your garden for both marketing photos and videos.

Pictures of the kitchen had previously been considered key to attracting the attention of browsers however this has now been followed with a rise in people specifically asking about garden spaces.

Lockdown has definitely changed the priorities of buyers and renters, many of whom have been working from home, research by property portal Rightmove suggests.



What are the top 5 search priorities?

The below statistics have been sourced from Rightmove showing what people now want in their next property.

1. Access to a garden

2. A bigger home

3. Access to a garage

4. A better home workspace

5. A property closer to nearby parks



At present, interest in property is high in some areas. Lockdown break-ups, job losses and urgent relocations are thought to have led to a surge in the rental sector.

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